Event Co-Sponsorship

Co-Sponsorship Guidelines

GPC has a fixed budget with limited discretionary funds. GPC may co-sponsor events with other organizations if they meet the following guidelines. Subject to majority approval of GPC members.

  1. The proposed event must be open to all graduate and professional students of the Washington University in St. Louis community.
  2. The purpose of the event must coincide with the purposes and goals of GPC.
  3. GPC must play an “active” role in the planning of the event (i.e. contact GPC when you are thinking about an event, not after you have it all planned and just want funding).
  4. GPC is not a funding organization and does not “give” funds to other organizations, although GPC may co-sponsor events.

Submitting a Request for Co-Sponsorship

Submissions for co-sponsorship of an event may be made in writing prior to a GPC meeting and submitted to any GPC officer in hard copy or by e-mail. If the event meets the above guidelines, the petitioning group will be asked to attend the next GPC meeting to present their event to the entire GPC. A majority vote of GPC is required for co-sponsorship.