Campus-Wide Student Representative Positions

Commencement Committee

Purpose: The Committee plans the logistics, scheduling, and other events of the annual commencement ceremonies and coordinates activities with other commencement-related groups, such as the Honorary Degree Committee and Senior Student Association. The committee meets four times per year.

Meetings: November 5, 2014, February 4, 2015, April 22, 2015 (if needed), May 20, 2015; All meetings held 3:30-5p in North Brookings Hall Room 300

Representative: 1 Graduate Student Needed

Discrimination and Title IX Grievance Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the student Discrimination and Title IX Grievance Committee is to hear complaints by graduate and undergraduate students pertaining to discrimination based upon gender, as covered in Title IX. The committee will also hear complaints by students pertaining to discrimination or discriminatory harassment.

Meetings: The committee will meet only when there is a case to be heard.

Representative: 2 Graduate Students Needed

Graduate Student Library Advisory Committee

Purpose: Starting in the fall 2014 semester, WUSTL Libraries will convene a graduate student library advisory committee and an undergraduate student library advisory committee, each comprised of 8 – 10 members. The Libraries already engage deeply with students in a variety of ways, including and not limited to: conversation between subject librarians and students in one-on-one sessions and bibliographic instruction classes; conversation at library service points; feedback submitted via the Libraries’ webpage and more formal tools, such as the Service Quality Survey, administered every three years; and direct e-mail to student group leaders, including those from Graduate Student Senate, Student Union Senate, and First Year Center WUSAs. Convening two formal advisory committees will establish regular student feedback channels to facilitate more robust and timely engagement. These committees will assist the Libraries in envisioning services and spaces that are responsive to students’ diverse needs and expectations.Each meeting will have an agenda of topics on which the Libraries will invite student feedback and discussion, and there will also be time to discuss topics that students may wish to bring to the table about library initiatives, services, and spaces.All interested graduate students should contact Sarah Laaker: and Stephanie Atkins,

Meetings: 3 Per Semester (Sep, Oct, Nov, Feb, Mar, Apr), Refreshments provided

Representative: 8-10 Graduate Students Needed

Holocaust Memorial Lecture Committee

Purpose: The Committee’s purpose is to make recommendations concerning a speaker for the University’s annual lecture, inaugurated in 1989 by then-Chancellor William H. Danforth to commemorate the Holocaust and to address its broader implications for other instances of systematic persecution and mass murder. The lecture is part of the Assembly Series on Wednesday mornings at 11:00 a.m., a time when few classes are scheduled so that maximum attendance by students and faculty is possible.

Meetings: This Committee typically meets once a year.

Representative: 1 Graduate Student Needed

University Judicial Board Committee

Purpose: The University Judicial Board performs an extremely important role in preserving academic and behavior standards at Washington University. The University Judicial Board hears and decides cases of serious student misconduct referred to it by the Judicial Administrator or by individual School or College academic integrity panels, and performs other duties as prescribed by the University Judicial Code (published in Bearings, the student handbook and elsewhere).Students who are nominated for this committee will be reviewed by the Office of Judicial Programs and will be selected only if they do not have a prior judicial file.

Meetings: TBD

Representative: 6 Graduate Students Needed

University Policy and Practice Affecting Students with Disabilities Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the Committee is to advise the Director of Disability Resources and the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Facilities Planning and Management regarding Danforth Campus policies and practices affecting students with disabilities, and to make recommendations related to grievances brought by students with disabilities or other concerned parties.

Meetings: This committee meets once a year in early April.

Representative: 2-3 Graduate Students Needed