Current Officers and Representatives

Executive Board


John Ukenye
Vice President of Marketing and Communications
James Larkin Smith;
Vice President of Social Programming
Tabbetha Bohac
Vice President of Community Service and Civic Engagement
LaShawnda Fields;
Vice President of Academic and Professional Development
Richard Lincoff
Vincent Peng


Each school receives up to 4 representatives, with one exception being the Sam Fox Schools which share 4 in between both (typically 2 each). Each school selects their representatives in a way that is decided on by the schools themselves (i.e. a university-wide election does not occur). If you would like to become a GPC Representative, you should contact your department chair or dean, whichever means is most appropriate at your school.

Sam Fox Schools (of Art and of Architecture)
1 Sarah Adcock
2 Cierra Higgins
3 Rachel Madryga
4 Rachel Lebo
Olin School of Business
1st Year  To be selected
1st Year  To be selected
2nd Year Vanessa Redensek
2nd Year Mukund Birje
Brown School of Social Work
1 Aishwarya Nagar
2 Jessica Bernacchi
3 Clive Musonza
4 Leila Hunter
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
1 Daniel Mulrow
2 Tyler Gahrs
3 Rebecca Jordan
4 Thomas Howard
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
1 Eugene Kim
2 Darshit Mehta
3  Vacant
4  Vacant
School of Medicine
1 Neel Raval
2 Roger Klein
3 Rina Amatya
4 Ziheng “Zach” Xu
School of Law
1 Franco Benyamin
2 Kevin Cowling
3 Ryne Duffy
4  Vacant