Current Officers and Representatives

Executive Board


Tyler Gahrs
Vice President of Marketing and Communications
Chloeé Puckett
Vice President of Social Programming
Jennifer Sun
Vice President of Community Service and Civic Engagement
Jiahui Chen
Vice President of Academic and Professional Development
Najiba Zaidova


Each school receives up to 4 representatives, with one exception being the Sam Fox Schools which share 4 in between both (typically 2 each). Each school selects their representatives in a way that is decided on by the schools themselves (i.e. a university-wide election does not occur). If you would like to become a GPC Representative, you should contact your department chair or dean, whichever means is most appropriate at your school.

Sam Fox Schools (of Art and of Architecture)
1 Sarah Adcock
2 Cierra Higgins
3 Rachel Madryga
4 Rachel Lebo
Olin School of Business
1st Year  To be selected
1st Year  To be selected
2nd Year Vanessa Redensek
2nd Year Mukund Birje
Brown School of Social Work
1 Aishwarya Nagar
2 Jessica Bernacchi
3 Clive Musonza
4 Leila Hunter
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
1 Daniel Mulrow
2 Tyler Gahrs
3 Rebecca Jordan
4 Thomas Howard
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
1 Eugene Kim
2 Darshit Mehta
3  Vacant
4  Vacant
School of Medicine
1 Neel Raval
2 Roger Klein
3 Rina Amatya
4 Ziheng “Zach” Xu
School of Law
1 Franco Benyamin
2 Kevin Cowling
3 Ryne Duffy
4  Vacant