What does the Graduate Professional Council (GPC) do?

As your representative body, we aim to advocate for all 6,000+ graduate and professional students at WashU; encourage interschool and interdisciplinary cooperation within the university; organize campus-wide social events open to all graduate & professional students; and support other [school, department, or interest specific] graduate & professional student organizations.

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For comments, questions, or concerns please email us at gpc@wustl.edu.

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GPC Officers for 2018-2019

President: John Ukenye, jukenye@wustl.edu

VP of Marketing & Communications: James Smith, jameslarkinsmith@wustl.edu, gpc@wustl.edu

VP of Academic & Professional Development: Richard Lincoff, rlincoff@msn.com

VP of Community Service & Civic Engagement: LaShawnda Fields, lnicolefields@gmail.com

VP of Social Programming: Tabbetha Bohac, tbohac@wustl.edu

Treasurer: Vincent Peng, vpeng@wustl.edu