About Us

The Graduate Professional Council (GPC) was founded in 1993, when a group of student leaders identified the need for both academic and social interaction between graduate and professional students of all disciplines. With the assistance and support of the Washington University administration, these student leaders and their successors have consistently brought together graduate student voices throughout the WU community.

From the time of its inception, the GPC has been influential in placing graduate student representatives on university-wide committees, supporting the Board of Trustees’ decision to appoint two graduate and professional student representatives to the Board annually, and facilitating interdisciplinary study and research among Washington University students.

GPC provides a network of communication through which student leaders share information about school activities, and supports representative student governments. GPC also plans social opportunities for the graduate and professional community, initiates discussions of graduate and professional student issues through panel discussions and presentations, and brings important issues to the attention of the university’s administration.

GPC meetings and committees are open to all graduate and professional students of Washington University. We welcome and encourage you to join us! Look for our next meeting on the GPC WUGO site and come in person to sign up for one of our committees.